Almond milk, kale, hemp seeds, banana, green bell pepper, spinach, cucumber and mango smoothie

My magical greenie


1 cup of almond milk
1/3 cup of kale
1 tablespoon of hemp seeds
1/2 medium banana (frozen)
1/3 cup of green bell pepper
1/3 cup of spinach
1/3 cup of cucumber
1/3 cup of mango (frozen)


Calories: 221
Protein: 7 grams
Carbs: 32 grams
Fiber: 6 grams
Sugar: 16 grams
Fat: 7 grams

The combination of ingredients in this smoothie, and the different health benefits that are linked with consuming them, make it ideal for anyone who is in need of a healing, cleansing tonic. Iron and vitamins K and C are in abundance here and are essential to proper wound healing. Plus the banana, cucumber and hemp seeds help to relax and detox the mind and body to ensure proper rest occurs during healing. That said, this is a great smoothie for anyone who wants to benefit from the goodness it contains.

To make it, add all the ingredients to a blender and process until smooth.


Banana is a natural sweetener and thickener that works incredibly well in smoothies and offers a number of benefits to health. These include protection from free radicals, strengthening the nervous system and improving symptoms of depression. They contain very good amounts of potassium which means that they also help to build and maintain strong bones and teeth.


This leafy green vegetable is one of the most nutrient dense around. It contains as much as twice the daily requirement of vitamin A, nearly seven times the requirement of vitamin K, the daily requirement of vitamin C and reliable amounts of almost every trace mineral that our bodies need per one cup serving. Adding it to this smoothie is like adding a naturally occurring multivitamin. Some of the health benefits associated with consuming kale include a reduced risk of cancer, maintaining a healthy weight and lowering cholesterol.


Spinach is a brilliant way to include healthy leafy greens in a smoothie because it has a faint flavour that doesn’t impact on the other ingredients in the smoothie. It is rich in a number of important nutrients including vitamin K and iron, making it ideal for those recovering from major surgery especially when combined with kale, like it is in this smoothie. Other health benefits that are linked to consuming spinach include improving symptoms of age-related macular degeneration, preventing cataracts and reducing the risk of cancer.

Green Bell Pepper

Green bell peppers contain an impressive number of antioxidants that help to protect against free radicals. These cause damage to cells and can lead to conditions like cancer, heart disease and neurodegenerative diseases. Green bell peppers also contain an antioxidant called zeaxanthin which maintains eye health and helps to slow the onset of age-related eye problems.


The humble cucumber might not seem especially impressive, but you’d be surprised at the effects it can have on health including providing relief from heartburn, flushing toxins from the body and lowering levels of uric acid, which helps the kidneys stay healthy. It is also a very reliable source of almost every essential mineral that the body needs including magnesium, potassium and manganese.

Hemp Seeds

Like most seeds, hemp seeds are a fabulous source of plant-based protein, containing as much as 15g per three tablespoons. They are extremely beneficial to overall health, particularly where the brain is concerned. It is thought that hemp seeds can help to reduce stress and anxiety levels by regulating stress hormones.

Almond Milk

Having almond milk as the liquid base for this smoothie makes it vegan friendly and low calorie, since almond milk is mostly water. There are also a number of benefits to health that are linked with consuming almond milk on a regular basis and they include a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, stronger bones and a reduced risk of experiencing prostate cancer growth.


Mango adds sweetness, which is good news for parents with fussy children, but it also enables you to experience health benefits that include a reduced risk of experiencing colon cancer, a healthier digestive system and a lower risk of developing asthma.

Almond milk, kale, hemp seeds, banana, green bell pepper, spinach, cucumber and mango smoothieAlmond milk, kale, hemp seeds, banana, green bell pepper, spinach, cucumber and mango smoothie

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