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Blueberries, red apple, carrot juice, ginger, beetroot, water and lime smoothie

Beets for brains


1 cup of blueberries
1/2 medium red apple
1/2 cup of carrot juice
1 small piece of ginger, grated
1/2 beetroot
1/2 cup of water
1/2 lime


Calories: 219
Protein: 3 grams
Carbs: 54 grams
Fiber: 9 grams
Sugar: 34 grams
Fat: 0 grams

The ingredients in this smoothie make it one that is jam-packed full of cancer and heart disease-fighting antioxidants. There are also very good levels of vitamin K, which enables proper blood clotting and healthy bones, and the carrot juice adds a huge dose of vitamin A, which supports healthy eyes.

To make this smoothie, add all the ingredients (except for the lime) to a blender and process until smooth. Then squeeze the lime juice into the smoothie and mix thoroughly before drinking.

Red Apple

Apples are an excellent source of dietary fibre, which means they can help you to feel fuller for longer (therefore assisting with weight management), help lower levels of cholesterol and also maintain a healthy digestive system. A number of studies have also discovered that apples contain a powerful antioxidant, quercetin, that helps to slow the onset of age-related cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases.


The deep reddish colour of beetroot indicates that it is a rich source of lycopene and other antioxidants that are extremely effective at fighting cancer cells. Beetroot is also a very good source of fibre, potassium and folate, which makes it beneficial both to heart health and the health of expectant mothers and their babies.


By adding blueberries to this smoothie you can hope to benefit from a good dose of vitamins C and K, dietary fibre, manganese and a whole host of other nutrients and antioxidants that help to maintain good health. One of the most amazing benefits of blueberries is their ability to protect cells and DNA from damage from free radicals; it is thought that they can do this because they are incredibly high in antioxidants – indeed, blueberries are understood to be one of the best sources of antioxidants of all fruits and vegetables.

Carrot Juice

Carrot juice is thought be very beneficial to the digestive system because it stimulates the digestive acids and helps to promote healthy digestion. It also contains very high levels of carotenoids that have been shown to significantly reduce the risk of developing breast cancer in postmenopausal women. The high levels of vitamin A in carrot juice, around 9 times the daily requirement per cup, also mean that it is brilliant at helping to support healthy eyes. There are many different makes and models of carrot juicers available for home use.


In order to experience some amazing anti-inflammatory effects, you simply need to add ginger to your smoothie. Gingerol is the compound in ginger that causes it to have such effects. It is also very helpful at relieving morning sickness and other types of nausea, as well as giving the immune system a boost when fighting illnesses like the common cold. A recent study has even found that regular consumption of ginger could help to reduce blood sugar levels in people suffering from type 2 diabetes.


Lime adds a refreshing, tangy flavour to this smoothie and also infuses it with a good dose of vitamin C, as much as 32% per lime. Because of its high levels of vitamin C, lime is useful for helping to treat vitamin C deficiencies and will encourage proper skin cell growth, which also includes proper wound healing. The smell of lime is even thought to activate the digestive saliva, which in turn gets the digestive juices flowing and, therefore, helps your digestive tract to function as effectively as possible.

Blueberries, red apple, carrot juice, ginger, beetroot, water and lime smoothieBlueberries, red apple, carrot juice, ginger, beetroot, water and lime smoothie

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